Planned maintenance

BMC uses Fleet management system for maximum efficiency in a variety of applications:

• maintenance work planning and spare parts handling
• document handling
• event handling in line with company and statutory requirements
• online reporting and managing all aspects of vessel operations

We are confident that we can meet all of the requirements and demands of todays owner, and maintain a fleet of quality vessels to the highest technical standards possible, while retaining a high degree of cost efficiency.

Crew Management Services (CMS)

The seagoing staff that man our vessels are our most important unit of management. Without quality crew onboard our vessels efficient technical management is impossible.
BMC place the highest priority on recruiting, training and retaining the best quality crew and this activity is carried out through a separate group entity - Crew Management Services (CMS).

Commercial Management

BMC boasts commercial management services in all sectors. And when combined with our technical management offers an attractive package, especially to non technical financial investors and institutions. Our commercial departments undertake:

• fixture and post fixture (including negotiation of charter parties)
• voyage estimates
• lay time and hire statements
• collection of freight
• resolution of charter party disputes
• profit and loss accounts
• appointment of agents and provision of bunkers

We can tailor a full commercial management package and competitively place tonnage in liner trades, spot, period or term business to suit the client's commercial profile and ongoing requirements.